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Žika Todorović From Bijeljina Donated More Than 100 Liters of Blood


Sixty-two-year-old Žika Todorović from Bijeljina donated more than 100 liters blood in four and a half decades of his humane mission, which has saved dozens of lives in Republic Srpska and beyond.

It all started in 1975 when he accidentally learned that voluntary blood donation was being organized at the hospital in Bijeljina. Driven by the desire to help someone and save a life, he immediately rushed to donate blood, and since then he has proven his humanity numerous times and, according to RS Red Cross records, has become a record holder in Srpska when it comes to voluntary blood donation.

– I have officially given blood 246 times, and I don’t even know for sure with certainty. What I know for sure is that more than 100 liters of blood has leaked from my veins. It is my desire to give blood from both hands at the same time, and I hope to be able to achieve it in the next three years because after 66th birthday I have to say goodbye to this humane mission – says Todorović.

He added that he just to give blood three times a month. Given that the rules in Srpska require that precious fluid can only be given once every three months, Todorović has crossed the borders for this purpose, as evidenced by numerous booklets.

– I donated blood wherever I found myself, including in Germany, Slovenia and Italy, but my blood saved most of the lives in the territory of Serbia. While in the military, I gave blood from vein to vein, which makes me very proud. People offered me everything and everything in return, but I just couldn’t take anything – said Todorović, who gave blood while he was in the hospital.

His big heart saved many people, but he was especially pleased that there was a baby among them.

– On one occasion, when I came to give blood, they told me that it was at that moment that they needed this precious fluid for the baby. I immediately rolled up my sleeve without thinking. I said, “If a liter is required, then remove the liter.” In the end, it turned out that it was my cousin’s daughter – Todorović said.

As he says, a saved life is the biggest reward, and neither skin color nor nationality matters.

– It is a very nice feeling to know that I saved someone’s life, no matter who it is or what it is. In addition, I am also ready to donate an organ to help someone – he said.

In addition to humane reasons, this noble man says, blood should be given at least twice a year for health reasons because it regenerates and rejuvenates in this way. He urged all young people, but also the elderly, to follow in his footsteps.

For his selfless humanity, Todorović received numerous awards, acknowledgments and diplomas. He was awarded, among other things, the “Saint Sava” award given to him by former RS ​​President Rajko Kuzmanović.

A voluntary blood donor can be any healthy person between the ages of 18 and 65.

– Men can donate blood every three months and women every four months. Blood should not be given from people who are currently receiving therapy or who have an acute or chronic illness – it is stated on the website of the RS Institute of Transfusion Medicine, where they point out that the current state of blood supplies is satisfactory.




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