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Zmijanje embroidery- world’s cultural heritage


In November  2014, Zmijanje embroidery  was inscribed  on UNESCO’s  Representative List of  the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, among 340 other intangible elements  from all around the world.

This embroidery is the first inscribed intangible cultural element from the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since the mid 1800s until today it retained its ornamental form.  Passed from one generation to the next, it  has a strong symbolic meaning.  Zmijanje embroidery  promotes creativity, social equality and diversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The embroidery is an example of a specific technique practiced by women of Zmijanje, a small village near Banjaluka. They made it using dark blue threads on a white background and it was used for decorating female clothing  and household items.

The embroidery was inscribed on the list in March 2013 and the complete procedure, from the making of amendments to the Law on Museum Activity to the protection of the embroidery itself,  was completed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Museum of the Republic of Srpska.


Source: Vladars.net


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