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Zoran Radmilović: The king of improvisation


The great Serbian actor Zoran Radmilović (1933-1985), an unsurpassed master of improvisation, died on this day in 1985.

He began his acting career as a student in 1960 at the Belgrade Drama Theater, and in 1964 he moved to Atelje 212.

A legend for life, he is remembered for a number of brilliant roles, such as King Ibi, Radovan the Third, Trigorin in Chekhov’s “The Seagull” and Laza Kostić in “Santa Maria Della Salute”. He has starred in many movies and television series.

He made his film debut in 1962 and starred in a number of films: “Strange Girl”, “Clay Pigeon”, “Picture Frame of My Darling”, “Look into the Night”, “Pavilion Six”, “Happy Family” …

His last role was in “Radovan the Third” on June 9, 1985, already seriously ill. Only three days later he was transferred to the hospital.

He died on July 21, 1985, at the age of 53, at the First Surgical Clinic in Belgrade. He was cremated, and his urn is located in the Alley of Deserving Citizens at Belgrade’s New Cemetery.

Among Serbian actors, Zoran Radmilović is considered the “king of improvisation” who kept the audience “under control” from the beginning to the end of the performances.




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