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“Zvono” International Children’s Theater Festival Opens in Zvornik


With the performance of members of the Zvornik Music School and the performance of “Beauty and the Beast” at the Youth Center, the seventh International Children’s Theater Festival “Zvono” opened. During three festival days, theater lovers in Zvornik will have the opportunity to watch five performances by young actors from Republika Srpska and Serbia.

The play “Beauty and the Beast”, directed by Milos Milosevic and performed by the actors of the reed theater “Vuk Karadzic”, was first presented to the Zvornik audience. It is a fairy tale that talks about the struggle of good and evil in which love conquers.

– The show is about not all those beautiful dresses and jewelry. The point is that spiritual beauty and kindness is above all – says Milos Milosevic, the director of the play.

Tijana Matic, an actress at the Vuk Karadzic Theater, points out that they are at the Festival for the second time. As they say, they liked the first arrival a lot, and because of that they returned again.

Theater lovers will be able to watch performances of the Zvornik Drama Theater, the Amateur Theater “Branislav Nusic” from the municipality of Malo Crnice and “Pozoristanceta” from Doboj during the three festival days.

The main goal of the Festival is the development of culture and the desire to bring the theater closer to the youth.

– Students I used to teach to bring their children to art. Zvornik Theater has succeeded in creating a tradition in Zvornik and they are no longer running away, looking forward to “The Bell” and theater performances – said Bozica Ostojic, head of the Zvornik Drama Theater and organizer of the “Zvono” festival.

The festival ends on Wednesday with the announcement of the best and awards.

This year, the Festival was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republika Srpska.




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