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Zvornik: In the Spring the Realization of the Largest Project in Recent City History


The largest project in the city’s recent history – construction of a new hospital block and reconstruction of the existing facility – will begin in spring in Zvornik. The value of the project is around 29 million KM. The Serbian government will provide 27 million, and the rest of the money will be provided by the Serbian government and the City of Zvornik.

The path from idea to realization is not easy. The competent authorities at Zvornik Hospital, who have invested a lot of effort and time in the past months to gather the necessary documentation and approvals, fulfilled a number of conditions and launched an international tender for the construction of a new block of the hospital and reconstruction of the existing facility.

– On January 8, we received an official offer from a consortium of companies, six companies, led by Enikon construction LLC. On the same day, the committee met and after a few days we looked through all the documentation – says Ivan Popović, director of the Zvornik JU Hospital.

If the Republic of Srpska government gives a positive opinion, work should start in the spring, at the beginning of the new construction season.

A new 3,300-square-block hospital will be built, an existing facility will be renovated, a gallery, parking and a helipad will be built.

The hospital will also receive four new operating rooms and equipment worth DM 17 million.

– Of course, I would like to point out that Zvornik Hospital will receive a state-of-the-art magnet as well as a CT scanner with this project. In addition to magnets and CT, we will also receive a brand new hospital beds, six ultrasound machines and many other hospital types of equipment, as well as two new medical supplies – Popović explained.

Thanks to this project, the capacity of the facility, which hospitalizes and treats more than 13,000 patients, examines more than 90,000 and provides more than 660,000 services annually, which will be significantly expanded.

Physicians will receive significantly better working conditions.

– We’re probably not even aware of how much that will mean. This Hospital in its present state is not purpose-built. Finally, we will have one facility that will be dedicated to all standards of the profession – adds Zoran Komljenović, Chief of Surgical Department of Zvornik Hospital.

Citizens are pleased that another major project will be implemented in Zvornik, pointing out that this should have been done a long time ago.

It is the wish of everyone in Zvornik that the works begin as soon as possible and be completed on time.

Thanks to the project, the Hospital will be given the opportunity to provide new services and cost-effective operations.

Citizens will certainly receive a better service, and the Birač Region is a modern facility that they can be proud of and will be of service to all its citizens.




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