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Zvornik occupies an important place on the cultural map of Srpska


Last year more babies were born in the Zvornik maternity hospital, but also that the number of tourists has increased significantly. What this city can also commend about is its cultural life. In 2019, more than 200 cultural and entertainment events have been organized, thanks to which Zvornik occupies an important place on the Srpska cultural map.

The Zvornik Youth Center hosted more than 120 different events last year, and visitors could enjoy theater performances, picture exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, concerts and festivals – “Zgitar”, “The Bell” and “The First Frame”.

– We try to raise the number of events from year to year, but not to affect their quality. I hope that we will tend to have an average of one event per working day in a few years – said the director of the Zvornik Youth Center, Đordje Deurić.

A large number of activities were organized at the National Library and Museum Collection and significant names from literature were presented to the audience. The “Kriva Drina” Festival of Humor and satire attracted special attention.

– The event brought together some twenty cultural workers from Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, Montenegro, Croatia, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so from all over the region, and we intend to continue this in the coming period – said Director of the National Library and Museum Collection Zvornik Nega Stjepanović.

The residents of Zvornik, as well as their guests, were also able to enjoy numerous outdoor activities, primarily exhibitions and concerts.

Living with the culture day by day and spreading its influence is imperative of Zvornik’s cultural institutions, which have succeeded in “raising” Zvornik’s cultural life to a higher level. They have the same goal this year.




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