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Zvornik: The Downward Trend in the Number of Unemployed Continues


The downward trend in the number of unemployed continued in Zvornik. Through seven projects of the Employment Service, 130 people were employed in this city last year.

Through the employment projects of the departmental department, the first job was given to 20 faculty-educated trainees. The highest number of employed persons has secondary education and skilled workers.

– We removed a good part of the persons from the register of unemployed precisely because of these activities – said Goran Petrović, Head of the Zvornik Branch of the Employment Service of the Republic of Srpska.

Bojan Radišić, a basketball coach by profession, has been waiting for a year to work, was also given the opportunity to work and make money at Alumina.

– First of all, I am satisfied with the good relationship in the organizational unit between us people, us workers and bosses. It is good that there is some work to be done until something comes up in my profession – Bojan points out.

According to records, 3,800 people are actively seeking work in Zvornik. While the number of unemployed people is decreasing and the number of entrepreneurial jobs is increasing, the structure of deficit occupations in the Zvornik labor market has remained the same.

– Even today, we have a great need for a qualification structure, above all, we mean construction, in the mechanical part of professions, traders and cooks. These are approximately the occupations that currently require the most needs from employers – Petrovic explained.

What also has the effect of reducing unemployment is the departure of young people and skilled labor abroad.

The departure of skilled labor is also evident in Zvornik, and according to projections by the competent services, construction companies will have the most problems.




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