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Dodik: Srpska increasingly stable and organized


Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said today in Banjaluka that Srpska marks the Day of the Republic as better, stronger, politically and institutionally more stable and organized.

“By laying wreaths to fallen soldiers and victims of fascist terror, as well as fallen soldiers in the Second World War, and to 12 Banjaluka babies, we are starting the celebration of the Republic Day,” Dodik told reporters after laying wreaths on the Square of Fallen Soldiers of the NOR in Banjaluka and at Monument to fallen soldiers of the Republika Srpska Army.

He pointed out that Republika Srpska shows the ability to manage processes and exist in difficult circumstances in which some Western countries are waging a hybrid war against it.

“That war implies specific measures that we have been able to witness in recent months and days. In any case, we are very determined to preserve stability and peace while respecting the Constitutions of Srpska and BiH. We want to preserve the achievements of the peace process that ended in Dayton and gave the political system to BiH, which implies a high level of independence and autonomy for Srpska. This is what we want and strive for,” said Dodik.

He emphasized that Republika Srpska has shown that it is a community of love and solidarity.

“We celebrated many holidays in recent days and I wish peace and well-being to all the people who celebrate Christmas with the traditional greeting: `The peace of God – Christ is born!`” said Dodik.

January 9 is celebrated as the Day of Republika Srpska because it was on that date in 1992 that the Republic of the Serbian People in BiH was established under its original name.

Srpska was founded by Serbian members of the then Assembly of BiH after they were outvoted on key issues about the survival of Yugoslavia, and members of the other two nations started secession against the will of the Serbs, who had the status of a constituent nation.


Photo: The Srpska Times

Source: srna.rs


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