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How are you, Bloggers?


Every third website is a blog. Three out of four Internet users are reading blogs on a daily basis. Almost 3 million blog posts are published every day. Five out of six influencers on the Internet are bloggers, and they are influenced mostly by other bloggers.

The number of blogs out there from 2012 till now is constantly changing. If we consider all available data on this topic, the number of blogs out there is somewhere between 350 million and half a billion.

By the time you get to the end of this article, there will be more than 20.000 new blog posts published.

The Blog Realm of Former Yugoslavia is constantly on the rise since 2008. Right now it accounts for almost 1 million different blogs. Unfortunately, today we know much less about the blogs in this region than ever before. Bloggers, sorry, but we know very little about you, we don’t even know how you are, despite the fact that this is very important.

We don’t know what problems bother bloggers out there and why they are not posting more often. We don’t know if they feel safe and protected to write about whatever they want, if they receive any support from their friends and who exerts pressure on them (if this is the case); We don’t know how many blogs exist, or on which platforms they get published. Do bloggers know their rights and are these rights compromised and to what extend? In fact, we know very little about bloggers, definitely much less than we know about users of other social media. The truth is, that we can only change things for the better if we can analyze the present situation and measure it. Until we know how we are, the evolution of our Blog Realm into the most important medium of the social web is rather difficult. Blogging, in our region, surely deserves this worthy status.

Bloggers, look what you can do, in merely 15 minutes, for tens of thousands bloggers out there:

– Participate in the research – start by clicking this LINK

– Write a blog post about it and encourage others to take part (you can use our banner, the text above and freely copy it and post on your blog, you can also use all the graphics we prepared, right on this LINK)

– Spread the word about #Blogometar15 by sharing via your social media – to do so simply click on this LINK.

We will share detailed results of the research with you –the anonymity of participants will not be compromised. We are here for your every question on the following e-mail address: blogometar@proceniweb.com. Thank you for your solidarity!


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