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The first solar tree in Banja Luka became operational


Solar tree in the park of Ban Milosavljević today has become operational. This is point where citizens of Banja Luka will be able to recharge their phones and tablet devices today.

This tree, donated by TELEMAX city, was commissioned on the occasion of the City Day and the planet’s day, being celebrated today.

Solar wood was commissioned by Igor Radojicic, the Mayor of Banjaluka and Arijana Maksimčuk, the director of TELEMAX.

Arijana Maksimčuk said that this tree is a gift from this company and that this is an innovation that they want to get acquainted with in the way of transforming solar energy into usable energy.

“All of our fellow citizens can now fill their phones, mobile phones and airplanes and can sit and vacate,” she said, adding that this is a future in energy.

Radojicic pointed out that the city must look ahead and see what is of interest to younger generations and what new technology brings.

“This is, on the one hand, one of the decorations in the city center, and on the other hand it points to renewable energy sources, because the contemporary world meets the challenge of huge spending and the need to use more renewable energy sources. This is solar energy and modern technologies,” concluded Radojičić, who also first updated the battery on his phone.




Source: Nezavisne


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